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The Project Manager GCT-2015
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Specification Of Activity
Bid Package
Change Order
Draw Tracking & Summary
Change Order Summary
Construction Estimates, New Construction,
Building Rehab & Renovations,
Apartment Rehab

Rural Development Loans,
Conventional Building Loans,
More, More & More...

Built For & By
Contractors, Estimators, Banking Interests,
Home Builders, Commercial Office Contractors
HUD Consultants, Property Managers,
Property Investors
& Housing Authorities.

You Can Modify The Default Construction Labor & Costs To Meet Your Specific Area or Need.
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Designed for the small to medium sized Contractors.
Built within are all the functions & reports you need to create accurate Cost Estimates, Work Schedules & Tracking, Subcontractor's Payables, Estimate vs Actual Material & Labor Comparisions, Activity Tracking, Pictures Linked To Your Activities, Draw Requests, ChangeOrders, Invoicing, Liability Agreements & Professional Lending Loan Packages.

All Construction Items & Specific Activities are easily expandable & customizable to accomidate your area or needs giving you the flexibility your look for in your every day to day operations.


Project Information

Construction Information

Bid Entry
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Activity Scheduling


Draw Request &
Change Orders

Actual Costs
Labor & Materials
Our Developers Had You In Mind!

Property, Lender, Scheduling Information Reports
Bid Package for Sub-Contractors

Scheduling Project Activities
Contractor's Payables Report
Specification of Activities Report
Construction Estimates Forms & Reports
Work Write-up Summary Report
Draw Request Forms & Reports
Change Order Form & Report

Recap/Summary/Narrative Form & Reports

One Button Click To Print Inital Package
Project Notes Tracking
Invoicing (Use Your Invoice No.)
All Forms Needed Lenders & Underwriters.
More & More & More

The Project Manager GCT is "User Friendly."
Contractors, Home Inspectors, Property Investors, Training Institutions & Lenders helped design the program thus all the Forms & Reports required by The Lending Institutions are included.
The Program Fills In Reports

Priced Affordably

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